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How to prepare for rising interest rates
Over the past few years it seemed every expert was telling us that interest rates would be rising, and now after years of record low rates, the Bank of Canada (BoC) has started to raise them. The...
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Enough already!
Just when we think, when we are told, that the mortgage regulation pause button has been hit, we see the Bank of Canada (BOC) increase its overnight rate by 25 bps, OSFI released a new discussion...
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We are TMG - Our Story
It was 27 years ago this month that TMG The Mortgage Group was born. With a network of approximately 800 mortgage brokers and agents nationwide, TMG has assisted hundreds of thousands million...
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The Warren Buffet Factor
A lot has changed since Warren Buffet decided to invest in Home Capital and the Canadian housing market.The billionaire’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, gave the beleaguered company a $400 million cash...
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