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Options for first time home buyers.
Interest rates are going up, mortgage rules have changed and house prices in some parts of the country don't seem to be going down -- yet. This may not look good for first time home buyers who may...
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Mortgage Broker vs. Bank Specialist
What's best for consumers? We need to clear the air. We've recently come across marketing materials that some Bank mortgage specialists have been sending aimed at "educating" members of the public on...
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Why I'm a Mortgage Professional - It's You.
With all the changes to mortgage rules and the recent increases in mortgage rates,I wanted to reach out to let you know why I love my job as a mortgage professional – it’s all about you.My first goal...
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Good reasons to use a Mortgage Broker
Owning a home is usually on a list of lifetime goals. And new home buyers usually have a lot of questions. Some worry about coming up with the down payment, some aren’t sure about their credit scores,...
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